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Facet syndrome is a painful condition affecting the low back.  If you have been diagnosed with this condition these exercises will be very helpful.

We frequently have patients tape their foot to help with pronation.  When one foot pronates more than the other foot it can cause a postural imbalance which can affect the whole back.  This video shows how to tape the right foot.  If Dr. Crossman has recommended you tape the left foot angle the tape so that so that it is at the 2 o'clock position.


A common postural problem we frequently see at this office is called pelvic torsion.  This is most commonly caused by an issue in the feet.  For more information see the video below: "Feet are the Foundation of Spinal Health."

To support the pelvis and guard against pelvic torsion we recommend these stretching exercises. The stretching exercises are geared toward a person whose feet pronate more on one side than the other. If Dr. Crossman has taped your right foot or indicated that it is weaker on the right choose the one for symptomatic right pronation.  Choose the symptomatic left pronation stretching exercises if Dr. Crossman taped your left foot or indicated it is the weaker foot.

The Feet are the Foundation of Spinal Health -video

This is a brief video which shows the importance of properly supporting the feet. Dr. Crossman finds that most of his patient's structural imbalances begin in the feet.  The most frequent areas this common problem affects include:  the hip joint, the knees, the low back, neck and shoulders.  Some postural problems will simply not resolve if the feet are not taken into account.